Chapter Membership

The ACFE Vancouver Chapter consists of over 100 individuals who come from various professions including: auditors, accountants, fraud investigators, loss prevention specialists, attorneys, educators, criminologists and police officers.

We encourage everyone to join the chapter, whether you are a CFE, considering becoming a CFE, or you are a member of an organization involved in fraud detection, prevention and investigation.

Learn how to become a CFE by clicking here for more information.

Come and share your expertise and interact with other anti-fraud professionals!

The Chapter provides reasonably priced training to help you maintain your CFE credentials and grow your anti-fraud acumen.

Chapter Membership Type:
  • CFE - A person who has achieved the status of Certified Fraud Examiner. A CFE is entitled to vote and to become a director and officer of the Chapter.

  • Non - CFE - A person who is a member of an organization engaged or involved in the business of fraud detection and/or deterrence.

  • Student Chapter Member - A person who is currently enrolled in a full time degree program at a university or college recognized by the board.

Chapter Membership Fee Summary:
  • Full Time Student $45 + GST
  • CFE $95 + GST (Regular Rate after September 30th)
  • Non-CFE $95 + GST (Regular Rate after September 30th)
  • Two year Chapter Member $178 + GST
  • Corporate Group Rate: Two members 10% discount, Three members 20% discount, Four members 30% discount (refer to Membership Payment-Corporate Rate below for fee breakdown)
Chapter Membership Application Form
New Members applying for chapter membership must complete the New Chapter Member form
Members renewing their chapter membership must complete the Chapter Member renewal form
Group Members applying for chapter membership must complete the Chapter Group Member renewal form
Based on the above Membership type that best applies to your situation, please click on the appropriate PayPal button below that best suits your needs.
Chapter Membership
Corporate Group Rate
Chapter Membership Disclaimer
Please note that each chapter is organized and operated by volunteers and sets their own membership pricing which is separate from ACFE Austin membership dues.
In turn, ACFE Austin does not require members to join their local chapter, but they do highly encourage members to join the chapter as it provides reasonably priced training as well as networking opportunities with other anti-fraud professionals in the area.